Experience Saint Germain


Saint Germain focuses on curating a unique and extraordinary experience specializing in modern American fare, vintage and craft cocktails, and handcrafted charcuterie.

Emphasizing on fresh, local ingredients.

Ingredients are handpicked and foraged locally

each week so you can experience real, wild, and small farmed foods the way they are meant to be. All charcuterie, excluding imported ham, is cured and aged in-house. Every item on the menu is made from scratch.

Saint Germain is for all of your senses.


The Count of the Immortal Elixir

Is it possible that a man can achieve immortality?

The Count of Saint Germain may have been more
legend than man. We know that he lived yet only know a few of the things that he did. There have been so many claims about the Count that it's difficult to tell the truth from 
the legend.

Many believe, however, that these claims were true.
If so, Saint Germain was an alchemist
with the secret everyone is after.

A man that could turn metals into gold, a man that
could smelt diamonds and form them as he pleased, a proficient musician, artist and linguist.

The Count was not a Saint and may have not even been a Count at all. Referred to as the "Man who does not die." The Count of Saint Germain has been credited with many sightings throughout the centuries and various rare (and fictitious) abilities that it seems almost certain that he's more legend than man.

But after all, isn't it fantasy that drives imagination?

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